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Canadian Film Centre: "Nick brings deep experience as a digital media innovator and a remarkable range of skills." <READ MORE> "He is tenacious in his pursuits on our behalf and integral to our business strategies." <READ MORE>

Disney: “He sees future opportunities and guides them into reality." <READ MORE>

New Line Cinema: “Develops worldwide collaboration and mentorship.” <READ MORE>

Universal: “Demonstrated ability to deliver complex projects.” <READ MORE>

NY Times: “Very knowledgeable, a great asset to the creative community.” <READ MORE>

Montana Artists:“ Brings decades of know-how to the initiatives he conceives and fully executes.” <READ MORE>

Samsung:“Works hard to find value and fit...He'll exceed your expectations." <READ MORE>

Apple: “He saw the future between Silicon Valley and Hollywood.” <READ MORE>

AFI: “Can look at a new technology in its infancy and see the long-term potential." <READ MORE>

Thomson: “A visionary evangelist for emerging technologies.” <READ MORE>

Method: “Sees opportunities and connections before most in our industry.” <READ MORE>

United Future: “Highly recommended, a sophisticated consultant." <READ MORE>

X|Media|Lab. "People of his quality and intellect are rare indeed.” <READ MORE>

Hiwire: “The scope and depth of his business relationships are nonpareil." <READ MORE>

Sudden Industries: “He focuses divergent stakeholders on a common challenge." <READ MORE>

Any Screen: “A creative genius, a smart strategist and a great speaker with a vast Rolodex.” <READ MORE>

Arlen Communications: “His visionary approach and management talents are incredible." <READ MORE>

Georgia Tech: “Unerring ability to identify projects of lasting value in an ocean of hype, & the decisiveness  to make things happen.” <READ MORE>

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Created strategy for start-up Theatrics' pivot into broadcast market, landing marquee client and leading development of new self-service platform. <Details>

Developed & launched new accelerator for start-ups in the entertainment and media industries. <Details>


Secured $5m in sponsorships and 1,000 companies for a world-class digital content R&D Lab. <Details>
Negotiated more than two dozen deals valued at $100 million. <Details>
Created social media program that increased fan base by 2000% and covered staff costs with new ad revenues. <Details>
Doubled value of major Hollywood movie database by redesigning production and distribution system. <Details>
Designed  $2m digital preservation and distribution system for of 3200-hour video archive. <Details>



I help brands:

  • achieve visibility and build influence
  • improve market leadership 
  • get bottom-line results through strategic partnership deals
  • build brand equity and accelerate time to market
  • drive social media marketing impact

I help start-ups, content producers, and other small businesses:

  • gain traction with customers
  • find the right strategic partners and vendors
  • build value for investors
  • reach influencers and opinion leaders in Hollywood and beyond

I help educators and nonprofits:

  • create cutting-edge programs
  • build models for innovation
  • attract today's digitally savvy constituents and donors
  • build lasting sponsors and strategic partners worldwide
  • create social media marketing programs that work



  • Program development and structuring
  • New business development
  • Strategic planning
  • Alliance and investor development
  • Deal structuring and contracts
  • Social media and relationship marketing
  • Recruitment and staff development
  • Institutional and program audits, and corporate development
  • Advocacy and public visibility
  • U.S. and international partnerships
  • Content strategy across multiple platforms (transmedia)