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    "Casablanca" HUMANITIES ARTICLE.pdf

    The National Endowment for the Arts funded a ground-breaking prototype of a "Digital Critical Edition" of CASABLANCA, the cherished movie classic, created by Georgia Tech and AFI. This lavish article in the NEH's "Humanities" Magazine outlines some of the issues and challenges involved.
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    I managed a long-term relationship between AFI and Microsoft, the world's largest software company. This brochure, commissioned as a White Paper, highlights some of the interesting projects we created during this period of MSFT sponsorship, some based upon MSFT technologies and platforms.
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    The AFI Digital Content Lab, launched by AFI and Intel, was a unique collaborative content R&D organization which produced a crop of new functioning applications each year. This article reviews one year's crop, published as part of a special pull-out section of the Wall Street Journal timed to coincide with the annual Consumer Electronics Show.
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    CURRENTS Newspaper, which covers public broadcasting affairs, invited me to write an article pegged to the launch of another year's edition of the Enhanced Television Workshop, which later evolved into the AFI Digital Content Lab. I focused upon the people involved in the work of the Lab -- for whom I coined the phrase "interactivists."
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    Download Nick DeMartino's CV.
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    Videography article.pdf

    "Back in the Movement Again" is an article I wrote for VIDEOGRAPHY Magazine in the early 90's, shortly after I launched the AFI-Apple Computer Center. I was struck by how similar the passionate fervor of these computer geeks was to the feelings I had as a young independent film/video activist.