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Beckinfield posts around the web

The Wrap and Reuters have both published my piece: Beckinfield: haunted town where audience creates the story.

Here are the links in case you haven't read the story: Reuters and The Wrap.

(Note: the Reuters version has been edited.)


• Where to read my "Transmedia" series

My three-part series on "Why Transmedia is Catching On" is available here on this blog, and across the world on a network of other sites. Here's a handy directory, in case you want to leave comments everywhere (!)


  • The Tribeca "Future of Film" site was first to publish the posts: Part I. Part 2Part 3.
  • Huffington Post ran the series, as well: Part I. Part 2Part 3
  • The Wrap ran all three articles: Part 1Part 2Part 3
  • XMediaLab from Australia ran Parts 1 & 2 in one post, and will add Part 3 soon. 
  • Social Media NZ ran Part 1.
  • The Reed-MIDEM group has posted Part 1 on the MIPblog, with the other two parts to come over the next month.