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• Your Virtual Self: Who Owns it and What’s it Worth?

Each one of us generates vast amounts of data – email, phone calls, social networking, photos, text messages, videos, browsing, purchasing and more.

Our data create a new form of identity, what you might call a Virtual Self – a concept that will determine the future of the web.

This virtual identity, and all of the bits of data that comprise it, has become an incredibly valuable form of currency – it’s the way the web exchanges value.

Companies aggregate your data in order to deliver advertising, commerce, content, and services to you – worth billions of dollars.

But who owns this data? Who owns your Virtual Self?

Right now, the identity wars are dominated by Facebook, Twitter, and Google – firms that have become what Mashable calls “large-scale consumer identity providers (a.k.a. IdP’s).”

“There’s a great burden placed on identity providers to police the media companies that connect with their users,” Robyn Peterson writes in a recent post. “There’s also a great burden on media companies to fulfill and not violate the trust of their end-users, and to behave appropriately.”

Right now, we’re all complicit in the creation of this Virtual Self -- we use our Facebook or Twitter account to sign in to other websites, which in turn use the components of your identity to construct their content.

We do it willingly. In exchange for data about our friends, locations, interests, behavior, and preferences, we get content served to us that seems eerily relevant -- courtesy of the companies whose algorithms process the bits of our virtual identities.

Of course we’ve seen flare-ups over privacy and identity, but they haven’t changed the trend for consumers to share our Virtual Self, which is getting pretty comprehensive.

Own Your Own Data

“It represents our actions, interests, intentions, communications, relationships, locations, behaviors, and creative and consumptive efforts,” according to The Locker Project, a non-profit start-up unveiled last week as part of a set of initiatives aimed at allowing people to have “ownership over their personal data and clear control over how it’s protected and shared.”

I love their slogan: “Data is Life. Own Yours.”

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• Hear Nick Speak: Dallas Video Festival, Digital Hollywood & FutureMedia Fest

Over the next several months I will be speaking at the following conferences. Please come by if you're in the area, or email me via the site if you would like to meet.

DALLAS VIDEO FESTIVAL, Dallas TEXAS - September 24 & 25 - I'm on a panel on the Changing Landscape of Independent Media and will be giving a talk on Transmedia.

DIGITAL HOLLYWOOD, Marina Del Rey, CA - October 20 - I'm moderating a panel on Personalized Media.

FUTURE MEDIA FEST, Atlanta, GA - November 16th - I'm speaking on the panel entitled "Future of Television." 


• Meet up at Digital Hollywood - May 2-5

Digital Hollywood is a time-honored ritual for many of us in the media and technology businesses. 

On Wednesday, May 4th,  I'll be speaking on a panel about transmedia moderated by John Couch, part of a day-long transmedia focus for the Content Summit track of the conference. Details here

On Thursday, May 5th, I'm moderating a panel focused upon personalization issues in mobile and other media, details here

Please join the audience for these and many other killer panels. And, of course, the real fun is hanging out in the lobby and catching up with friends and colleagues, old and new. If you plan to attend, let me know and we'll find time to meet up. This year the event is moving to the Ritz-Carlton in Marina Del Rey, a superb venue for schmoozing.