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My hiatus is over. What follows are four "catch-up" posts in which I attempt to review thought leadership on four topics I'm tracking right now (Start-up Culture; Crowdfunding; Storytelling and Transmedia; and Video/Distribution). PART 4 presents some interesting links about digital video content and distribution.

The key to the future of TV may be in such emerging products as second-screen apps, smart TV, and connected TVs, but check out the reality of the present in Willa Paskin's Salon post about the impact of DVRs called "TV's fast-forward revolution." BTW: she's describing exactly the way my viewing is now structured (and for which I pay my cable company a LOT of dough.)

The DVR frenzy is especially acute on Sunday nights, which networks fill with must-view TV to leverage the week's largest viewing night. The NY Times explores Sunday night DVR angst among the DVR-addicted, here.

Online video consumption is exploding, but advertising revenue still lags. Hence, the "Digital Content New Fronts," a parallel version of Madison Avenue's upfront sales extravaganza focusing on digital networks like AOL, Google/YouTube, Hulu, Microsoft, Vevo and Yahoo. BTW: People seem to like second screen apps for TV: that's the aha conclusion of the latest Nielsen research.

The NY Times reports on NimbleTV, the latest example of "technology companies trying to break into the closed system of television distribution in the US." The company streams packages of TV channels to which users have subscribed  -- a kind of uber-HBO Go.

I think I've caught up. Watch this space for more posts!

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