Is it Legal to Take Photos in a Casino’s Gaming Area?

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Traveling to Vegas for the big day of communion is a dream for many couples, but not many families are as interested as the bride and groom. Most couples plan to have a wedding in the land of gambling to fill their special day with more luxury and colors. Infusing the day with plenty of games will further enhance the mood. Everything about the wedding will be grand and exciting, except for the fact that you don’t get to capture the moments. The most important aspect of this day is getting some great photographs for sweet memories, but that isn’t always possible when you are at a casino in Vegas. You need to look into the photography policy of every casino before carrying your camera with you. Here is a short guide on the legalities of photography in casinos’ gaming areas.

Is Photography in Casinos Legal?

This is the question that lingers on because people love to take snaps of the game they indulge in. Despite being answered, many gamblers and visitors are still trying their luck at getting the camera inside the casino. Almost all casinos have a no photography policy, especially in the gaming area. If you plan on breaking the rules, you must be prepared to be thrown out of the premises. Capturing a few photos isn’t illegal but not encouraged by the casino authorities. You are in no serious danger doing it, but if you want to have a good time playing the games, it is better not to attempt clicking. They might only ask you to stop taking photos or delete them, or when you are too defiant, there is a chance for you to be expelled.


The key to getting a great photograph is not exposing the gleaming lens in the direction of the cashier or security. You will only be asked to stop and not be ordered because they have no legal grounds to do so. If you are there to take pictures, just do it without asking for permission. Complying with all their rules will not bring you any fun; you know it isn’t allowed, so you don’t need to ask but capture the memories.

Planning the photos in advance will help you have a sense of the angle where the camera is placed. By having a basic idea of how and where to take the pictures, you can easily get some without hassles. Not all gaming areas will be equally crowded; head over to such zones with your camera. If you want a picture with the slot machines, it would be better to slide over to a remote area so that no one notices you there. Go to the far end of a craps table if it has an open pit. Closed pits are riskier, with you having to look around for pit bosses and cashiers.

Is it Legal to Take Photos in a Casino’s Gaming Area?

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