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Canadian Film Centre: "Nick brings deep experience as a digital media innovator and a remarkable range of skills." <READ MORE> "He is tenacious in his pursuits on our behalf and integral to our business strategies." <READ MORE>

Disney: “He sees future opportunities and guides them into reality." <READ MORE>

New Line Cinema: “Develops worldwide collaboration and mentorship.” <READ MORE>

Universal: “Demonstrated ability to deliver complex projects.” <READ MORE>

NY Times: “Very knowledgeable, a great asset to the creative community.” <READ MORE>

Montana Artists:“ Brings decades of know-how to the initiatives he conceives and fully executes.” <READ MORE>

Samsung:“Works hard to find value and fit...He'll exceed your expectations." <READ MORE>

Apple: “He saw the future between Silicon Valley and Hollywood.” <READ MORE>

AFI: “Can look at a new technology in its infancy and see the long-term potential." <READ MORE>

Thomson: “A visionary evangelist for emerging technologies.” <READ MORE>

Method: “Sees opportunities and connections before most in our industry.” <READ MORE>

United Future: “Highly recommended, a sophisticated consultant." <READ MORE>

X|Media|Lab. "People of his quality and intellect are rare indeed.” <READ MORE>

Hiwire: “The scope and depth of his business relationships are nonpareil." <READ MORE>

Sudden Industries: “He focuses divergent stakeholders on a common challenge." <READ MORE>

Any Screen: “A creative genius, a smart strategist and a great speaker with a vast Rolodex.” <READ MORE>

Arlen Communications: “His visionary approach and management talents are incredible." <READ MORE>

Georgia Tech: “Unerring ability to identify projects of lasting value in an ocean of hype, & the decisiveness  to make things happen.” <READ MORE>

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Created strategy for start-up Theatrics' pivot into broadcast market, landing marquee client and leading development of new self-service platform. <Details>

Developed & launched new accelerator for start-ups in the entertainment and media industries. <Details>


Secured $5m in sponsorships and 1,000 companies for a world-class digital content R&D Lab. <Details>
Negotiated more than two dozen deals valued at $100 million. <Details>
Created social media program that increased fan base by 2000% and covered staff costs with new ad revenues. <Details>
Doubled value of major Hollywood movie database by redesigning production and distribution system. <Details>
Designed  $2m digital preservation and distribution system for of 3200-hour video archive. <Details>




Visionary – Proven ability to analyze media and technology developments in order to build programs that leverage the next big thing in media markets as diverse as independent film, cable television, portable video, digital video production, interactive television, the Internet, web video, and social media. Named #3 in Hollywood Reporter’s Digital 50. Twice listed as one of L.A. Business Journal’s top technology executives.

Architect – Created more than a dozen programs and companies, including   conferences, speaker series, innovation labs, training centers, online businesses, educational programs, production companies, and consulting practices.

Fundraiser – Has secured more than $100 million from corporate sponsorships, earned revenue, foundation and government grants, and donations; as part of business development, has negotiated and executed hundreds of deals and contracts.

Producer – Experienced producer and manager of all types of media, including TV documentaries, advertising, print collateral, articles and books, social media, conferences, websites, blogs, CRM systems, enterprise networks, complex database and web applications, and marketing campaigns.
Communicator – Exceptional communicator, inspiring internal teams to high standards & building alliances with thousands of stakeholders, funders, practitioners, funders, collaborators, and the public.  

Career History:

1990 – 2010. The American Film Institute, Los Angeles, CA Top-tier manager of America’s leading cultural and educational nonprofit for film & media. Responsible for leading enterprise strategy; operating all tech-based programs and admin units (up to 25 people, $7 million annual budget); providing industry-wide leadership in new media, via programs like AFI Digital Content Lab. AFI website.

  • 2005 – 2010. Senior Vice President, Media & Technology
  • 2000 – 2005. AFI Associate Director & Director of AFI New Media Ventures.
  • 1994 – 2000. Director, Strategic Planning
  • 1993 – 1994. Director, AFI Advanced Technology Programs
  • 1991 – 1993. Director, AFI-Apple Computer Center for Film and Videomakers
  • 1990 – 1991. Director, AFI Cinetex

1983 – 1989. Labor Institute of Public Affairs, Washington, D.C. Co-founded media production subsidiary of AFL-CIO. Managed production, distribution, and marketing of dozens of video, film, videoconferencing, cable, theatrical, radio, advertising, and print productions. LIPA's best-known project was "UNION, YES!"

1980 -1982. Signature Video Enterprises, New York, N.Y.  Production and consulting services, clients include: WNET, WGBH, WNYC, ACLU, Aspen Institute, Markle Foundation, and independent producers.

1977 - 1980. Staff, Carnegie Corporation of New York. Principal staff writer of Commission's report, A Public Trust. Co-directed research and co-wrote companion study entitled Keeping PACE with the New Television.  Author of foundation study that inspired the formation of the ITVS (Independent Television Service).

1976 - 1982. Independent documentary producer. Credits include SITCOM: The Adventures of Garry Marshall (1978); The New Klan (1977); Nuclear Power: The Public Debate (1979); Abortion: Right to Choose or Right to Life? (1979); None of the Above (1980); So Far, So Good (about the Carter Administration, 1979). Awarded INDIE from Association of Independent Film/Video for lobbying efforts that established three major independent production funds for independent producers.

1972 - 1977. Washington Community Video Center, Washington, D.C. Executive Director. Founded the first U.S. community-based portable video production and training center. Editor & publisher of quarterly TeleVISIONS Magazine.  
advertising and marketing campaign featuring Hollywood stars.

1971 - 1972. Graduate Faculty, Antioch College, Baltimore, Maryland.

1970 – 1971. Editor, College Press Service

1968 – 1970. Journalist, Louisville Courier-Journal and Times